The Coronavirus pandemic has had significant consequences around the globe. As the outbreakcontinues to spread to almost every country in the world, the virus has had varying impacts on thejobs market and recruitment industry.

In this article, Jenny Jones – Director of ETL Resourcing, explores the impacts of COVID:19 upon existing recruitment strategies in UK companies.

Life in the UK has largely been put on hold and, for many companies this widespread uncertainty isaffecting business decisions, including investment and growth plans, as companies areunderstandably minimising risk to their businesses.

Many companies may feel a recruitment freeze or even terminating contracts with candidates whothey have agreed terms with are the only possibilities. However, this action could have a negativeeffect upon your company’s performance, reputation and put extra pressure upon existingemployees.

There will be counter-cyclical parts to your business which will thrive during a crisis. People always need advice. These teams will be stretched during the crisis and whilst you should first look to repurpose existing staff, you should also be looking to keep your recruitment strategy and employment brand in good shape to ensure you can continue to attract strong candidates into these business critical areas.

In an attempt to surmise, business areas focusing on Business Advisory – in particular supporting clients apply for government backed loans and other assistance, Private Client, Matrimonial, Digitalisation Projects, Employment and Litigation are areas where you may need to consider temporary resource. Our ETL partners in Germany and Spain are already experiencing a surge across some of these areas.

If you have candidates who are already engaged in your recruitment process, and your only option is to freeze all recruitment, continuous communication and feedback is essential to keep the candidate warm. It’s important to keep focused on the eventual recovery phase and try to look forward.

If you are considering the drastic step of cancelling the contract of a new starter, before they start orjust afterwards, be prepared for the potential damage to your reputation via mechanisms such as Glassdoor, word of mouth and industry magazines.

It’s worth bearing in mind that during the lockdown, inductions are not straight forward, but with a bit of planning and the right IT (and the right IT savvy new starter) it can be done effectively. For example, Glaisyers Solicitors LLP started a new Lawyer on Monday and she has already started making them money. Read Glaisyers latest blog here.

Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones

Director, ETL Resourcing

Jenny Jones is Director of ETL Resourcing, she has worked in recruitment with various high-profile companies for over 10 years. ETL Resourcing is a dedicated talent acquisition partner for ETL Global partners and many businesses around the UK. If you are interested in developing the recruitment and retention strategies for your business or improving your employer brand, contact

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