During these challenging times, it is likely many of us will be working from home for longer periods of time to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak. For those who aren’t familiar with working from home, it can feel a bit daunting, it has meant adapting to a new working routine and dynamic whilst navigating the unprecedented challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic that many businesses are facing. In this article, Jenny Jones – Director of ETL Resourcing, explores the ways managers can manage and support employee wellbeing while working from home.

Embrace technology

Managers should provide the equipment and advice for employees to use technology at home. Offer guidance for those not used to working from home – perhaps implement a ‘buddy’ scheme to help people gain confidence with different technology. Use platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other online communication tools to encourage teams to work together and communicate. Providing the right tools for employees to embrace technology from home will help people feel more confident and comfortable with working from home. 

Promote the available support

You should make sure there is enough wellbeing support and guidance for all employees during these changes and uncertain times. If you do not promote the support that is available to employees they cannot be expected to take advantage of it and may feel worried and unsure of their current situation. You can also ask your team what tools and support they will find helpful right now and look at making different online tools and classes available.

Keep talking

While most of your team will be home working right now, many may also be ‘lone working’ and being on their own at home can be very isolating for employees. Ensure you schedule regular meetings and informal catch-ups with all team members and check in on them on a frequent basis to see how everyone is getting on.

Encourage the social aspects of work

Many of your employees will usually enjoy socialising with their friends at work. Don’t ignore the need to build opportunities for your team to socialise while working from home. Get creative with the different ways to socialise virtually, try a team pub quiz via Zoom or encourage colleagues to call each other rather than just emailing, you can even schedule virtual after work drinks on a Friday to celebrate the week!

Remember to celebrate the positives

If you have new joiners, new work or someone has done something worth shouting about, don’t forget to celebrate and share the positive stuff. Encouraging employees to take advantage of a better work life balance opportunity presented by home working and not having to deal with the daily commute. Also remind them about the importance of switching off from work and not being connected 24/7.

Develop personal planning and self care

It is a very unsettling and worrying time for everyone. During these challenges, many of your team may need extra support and guidance. You can advise your employees to develop a personal action plan to manage their mental and physical wellbeing during this period and focus on how they can remain positive with practical steps to improve their mindset and wellness in light of recent events.

You can find lots of resources online to help you support employee wellbeing during this time. Visit https://www.mind.org.uk/ for lots of advice, resources and guidance on mental health.


Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones

Director, ETL Resourcing

Jenny Jones is Director of ETL Resourcing, she has worked in recruitment with various high-profile companies for over 10 years. ETL Resourcing is a dedicated talent acquisition partner for ETL Global partners and many businesses around the UK. If you are interested in developing the recruitment and retention strategies for your business or improving your employer brand, contact Jenny.Jones@etl-uk.com

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